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Why Choose Our Montessori Beds?

High Quality Wood

What is the purpose of a Montessori Bed?

The Learning Bed helps complete your bedroom by providing your little one with the freedom he/she needs. Your child can easily interact with their environment by being closer to the ground and having a full visualization of the bedroom. 

How does a Montessori Bed help a child develop?

There are benefits to our Learning Bed that pertain to both you and your child. Benefits for you include being able to sleep with your child which futher strengthens the bond between you and your child. With cribs you are unable to do that, but with floor beds you can easily cuddle with your child and make sure they feel safe on a nightly basis. In addition, our beds are stylish and sleek. They fit perfectly into any bedroom in regards to interior decoration. Our clients have incorporated our beds in remarkable ways. Lastly, there is now no need to transition from crib to bed as our bed starts that transition at a very early stage. 

For your child, the benefits include ability to control when they want to sleep. Toddlers can not just climb into their crib. Your little one can easily climb into their Learning bed safely. This gives your child the decision making cabability that they need starting from an early age. 

What age is safe for a child to start using one?

You can start incorporating a Montessori Bed at the age of 4-6 months and onwards. It might be difficult initially to get used to having a child on a ground bed but as you will soon come to find out - they will prefer it to a crib.

How long will my Learning Bed last?

You can expect your Learning Bed to last for years. They are made with durable, high quality wood that is meant to withstand the wear and tear that your children may apply to it. We have clients who have been using our beds for years!

Is this safe for my child?

Yes! Floor beds are in fact even safer than cribs. Cribs are on an elevated level with videos of many children easily climbing out of their cribs. Floor beds are on the ground and there is no fear that a child will fall or hurt themselves. A child easily adapts to their bed and surroundings and for that reason, you have little to fear with a floor bed.

Do you make anything else beside beds?

We do not at this time. We are solely focused on our Montessori Beds. We do not want to distract or take away any attention from building our beds as each one requires a tremendous amount of care from planning to building. I am not taking custom orders at this time either.

Why are they so expensive?

Each bed starts as a block of wood before it is turned into what we perceive as a masterpiece. Each bed is hand cut, sanded, and then tested before we even think of shipping it. We try our best to reduce our costs and thus provide that savings over to you. For that reason, we try to be cheaper than our competitors but at the same time give you a better quality bed. Each one is handcrafted by our artisans which takes time. In addition, our bed is made with expensive wood - Alder Wood. Our competitors use cheaper wood that we would never use on our child's bed and thus that is where Learning Bed was born. We saw the market and thought - why not provide a better bed with a better price! 

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